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The Rosenburse Law Firm has a long and distinguished tradition.

The firm traces its history to the year of 1884, when it was established by founding partner Dr. Adolf von Bachrach (1854 – 1932). The building at Vienna 1, Rosenbursenstraße 8, where the newly founded corporate law firm began, was built with its corporate roots in mind by being strategically positioned in between the former building of the Commercial Court in Riemergasse and the Vienna Tax Office in Vordere Zollamtsstraße.

In the following years prominent business lawyers became members of this partnership, among them, the first president of the Viennese bar association, which was re-established in 1945, Dr. Emerich Hunna (1889 – 1964).

Other past partners include Dr. Walter Ender (1910 – 1983), Dr. Fritz Psenicka (1911 – 1998), Dr. Konrad Landau (1914 – 1981), Dr. Ernst Schmerschneider, Dr. Hilbert Aubauer and Dr. Karl Fritsche.

Since our inception, the primary focus of our practice has been business law, but our lawyers offer wide ranging experience in other fields of civil law as well. From our founding through the present we have, and will continue, to commit ourselves to the needs of our clients and use our experience and insight to articulate clearly our clients' options and counsel them diligently. Then, as now, we consider it our mission to provide our clients with best possible and solution-oriented representation and legal advice.